People with disabilities will find it harder to get jobs due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, a new report says.

This is expected to further exacerbate pre-existing employment barriers.

For many disabled people, there is a higher of risk of catching the virus, making employers reluctant to hire them because of safety concerns. 

The Zero Project – a non-governmental organisation advocating disability-inclusiveness – says that Covid-19 is speeding up the transition to a digital economy. As people with disabilities generally experience lower levels of education and training, it is essential that the necessary skills are provided to ensure equal access to new digital jobs.  

Caroline Casey, moderator of the Zero Project Conference, also spoke about the opportunities presented by the pandemic.

“In the last year we have seen the business system flex, adapt and change because it had the intention and willingness to do so.

“Companies that thrived in the pandemic are those that equally included people with disabilities and so we no longer need to make the case for employing that innovative talent”.

Adopting systems such as remote working, flexibility and adaptability in the workplace have long been sought by the disabled community. The Zero Project hopes to lead the way in creating a digitally inclusive workplace that will benefit all.