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Being a philanthropist and benevolent person, Wahab Raja believes in equality, peace and prosperity. He completed his Master’s in business administration then decided to study global journalism and PR to grab his aim of launching a news channel. He is enthusiastic to bring out real issues of deprived societies through quality journalism and fight for human rights. Raja always had a wish to work as an investigative journalist to reach facts and digging out such news, that can amaze the world in a creative manner. He is interested in travel, following trends, gadgets and trying different cuisines. His vision is that no matter how far your goals are, you should just follow your path and remember that determination is the key to success.

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webwxgetmsgimgAs a total foodie, Hazel wants to be a gourmet journalist and travel all around the world. By the way, she dreams to be a international jornalist as well. She was born in China, the communism and rapid economic growth country, and is proudly patriot. Now, she is studying for a Masters degree in Global Journalism and Public Relations at Coventry University. She aims to enrich her practical experience and professional academic ability. She is also fond of cross-cultural communication. She really loves dancing, has been dancing for a decade and was a freelance dance teacher until recently. After graduation, she is looking forward to being successful media person and creating attractive content.

1023 1During his study in university Zachary Zhou had focused on global and regional situations with enthusiastic passion in journalism. Meanwhile he enjoyed communicating with others and regarded sharing personal opinion and experience as joyful stuff. In the summer, he took an intern job in local newspaper publishing company as his primary step as a journalist. It was fascinating to record events and conduct interviews. Now he is studying Global Journalism at Coventry University to gain more technique and knowledge to become a qualified journalist. 



ahsanMuhammad Ahsan Hafeez doing Ma Global Journalism in Coventry University. Muhammad did mass communication from National University of Modern Languages Lahore Pakistan. Muhammad choose this study because Muhammad have personal interest in it. Muhammad worked for ARY news, Express News, Pakistan Television News, Muhammad learned lots of things from there but Muhammad thought something is missing in his studies that's why Muhammad is here in coventry university. Muhammad have a lot of interest in Digging out the truth. Muhammad want to use his study for the development of journalism. Muhammad want to do Creative Things to show the World that Journalists are the 4th pillar of the Nation. With Truth Dignity and Honesty Muhammad will perform his duty. 

emilyAfter completing an undergraduate degree in Journalism and Media at Coventry University, Emily Stephens chose to stay on and study Global Journalism and Public Relations MA in hopes to finesse her skills. Emily is passionate about issues surrounding minority groups, and is concerned over the lack of coverage the mainstream media appoints to such issues. Her hope as a journalist is that this is where she can come into the sector, to give these issues the coverage they both need and deserve. Aside from studying, Emily spends a lot of her time doing freelance work, and currently is a freelance book editor, proofreader and content writer for various clients and publications. During her undergraduate study, Emily focused a lot of her writing on music journalism and politics, however she hopes to one day own her own news platform, maybe in the magazine industry, to give voices to people who aren’t normally heard. This will come as a continuation to her final project for her undergraduate degree, in which she created a magazine exploring lesser reported stories across the world, and hopes to continue something similar to this as a full time job one day.



As a natural dreamer, Pedro Abreu dreams about travelling the world and tell its stories to anyone who is interested in knowing more about this amazing and mysterious place that we live in. Proudly born in Porto, the second biggest city of Portugal, his passion for journalism and photography grew stronger as he got older. Journalism presents itself as his main focus and he hopes one day he can work on this area and tell the truth about the world by his own words. In another way, Photography is the way he can show his unique vision and share it with many others. With the completion of his Bachelor in Communication Sciences, Pedro has now the basis to dive deeper into the world of Global Journalism and learn as much as he can about the problems that exist worldwide.


Dz3DMvaXcAA4JuOAfter completing a degree in Journalism and Media to a first class standard at Coventry University, Mattie James has continued academic studies into a Masters degree in Global Journalism & Public Relations (PR).The goa is to learn more for the professional field and to allow for further academic study into journalism and its practice in media theory and specialism, specific to sexuality and gender studies and the portrayal and discussion of such groups in the media. Outside of academic studies, Mattie focuses more on the pursuit of knowledge, as well as producing video content on YouTube and working in social media and videography. 

They have currently worked alongside groups/organisations such as National Student Pride, The Bromsgrove Labour Party and We're Not Just Cats Records in numerous different roles. 

noir et blancI am a Psychiatric Nurse working with Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust. I originally hail from Cameroon and also hold a Degree in Journalism. As an RMN my particular area of interest coming into Journalism is looking at how the media report on issues concerning mental illness, how generally negative they are, and how their portrayal helps perpetuate negative stereotypes. One in four people suffer with a mental illness and the media therefore need to be more sensitive and fairer in their portrayal of the issue. This is my particular area of interest. Having worked with mentally ill people for nearly a decade, I have seen first hand what these negative stereotypes do to reduce their outcomes.

20171006 111655As a 15 years experience TV journalist for Romania Public Broadcaster, Carmen Scutariu has been delivered a multitude of news packages, features, and TV show mainly for Iasi Regional Studio and all the Public Broadcaster Channels. She used to be an anchor for breaking news live stories. Carmen has video-edited with Edius her educational, social and environmental stories. She is the winner of the Best News Category, Romanian National Contest, 2007. Being a Thomson Foundation’s bursary, certificated at Cardiff University and is specialized in the latest mobile journalism, with Circom Regional. She loves children, and this is the reason why she became a high-school journalism trainer. Currently, she is a Global Journalism postgraduate, at Coventry University, willing to get the ropes of the UK media and journalism. She is interested in social and digital media, mobile journalism, global journalism and also in PR. Carmen is also fond of ethical and human rights legal issues.


Picture1.jpg editedAfter completing an undergraduate degree in Strategic Tourism and Hospitality Management, Sophie Jobe has retained her place at Coventry University to try her hand at a Global Journalism MA course. With previous knowledge of the tourism and business sectors, she hopes to integrate this with her keen interests in politics and investigative journalism.

During her previous years studying at Coventry University, Sophie has submerged herself into student life by representing her course as Student Rep for the three year duration and became an active member of Coventry University Netball Club. As of print, Sophie is yet to have published any of her written work, but plans to begin so by producing a blog using the skills and knowledge she is due to obtain during her studies.


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Veera Heinonen, 26, has indeed seen many places. She was born in a small town Lahti, Finland in 1991. She was born and raised in Finland but she always dreamet about living abroad. When she was 19 years old she moved to Shanghai, China and lived there for 6 months. In year 2015 and 2016 she worked and traveled in Australia and Asia for almost a year. In that time she did an internship in Finnish Radio in Brisbane. She has been studying Media Studies at the University of Turku since 2013 and she got her bachelor's degree in 2017. She did her thesis about cultural identity and how it is formed in internet comment sections. She loves writing, traveling and history. She enjoys creative writing and she has been writing a poetry blog. She is also dreaming about writing a novel.





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Máté Világi is a Hungarian student at Coventry University, where he studies Global Journalism. He completed his undergraduate studies in Budapest, where he studied Political Sciences at Eötvös Lóránd University. Although he wasn't sure that was the area what he wanted to study, his interest in Model United Nations steered him in the direction of politics. After three years, he decided it wasn't his cup of tea, so he went to learn how to write about politics. He is an avid consumer of books, movies, TV series and videogames, as well as digital content on YouTube and other websites (mostly Rooster Teeth), so if someon is looking for him, they should try at his desk first. If you would like to discuss Hollywood blockbusters, AAA games or the works of Sir Terry Pratchett, he is your man.