20171006 111655As a 15 years experience TV journalist for Romania Public Broadcaster, Carmen Scutariu has been delivered a multitude of news packages, features, and TV show mainly for Iasi Regional Studio and all the Public Broadcaster Channels. She used to be an anchor for breaking news live stories. Carmen has video-edited with Edius her educational, social and environmental stories. She is the winner of the Best News Category, Romanian National Contest, 2007. Being a Thomson Foundation’s bursary, certificated at Cardiff University and is specialized in the latest mobile journalism, with Circom Regional. She loves children, and this is the reason why she became a high-school journalism trainer. Currently, she is a Global Journalism postgraduate, at Coventry University, willing to get the ropes of the UK media and journalism. She is interested in social and digital media, mobile journalism, global journalism and also in PR. Carmen is also fond of ethical and human rights legal issues.