A European student who travels around the world she believes that one day she will have a professional career in journalism and continue to discover new places and write about them. Throughout her educational journey she has always had two great passions: communication and culture. Finishing his degree in Cultural Studies in July 2020, she had the opportunity to conclude with the Erasmus program which only lasted five months. It was in this experience that she had the opportunity to meet a lot of people of different nationalities and travel with them. In that moment, the passion for journalism and culture grew. The language, the gastronomy, the different mentality of each person and country makes our society different and special and this is what she wants to tell the people. She loves writing, photograph and make videos of her travels even if they are amateurish. She is currently studying MA Global Journalism and Public Relations at Coventry University and she has high expectations that this Master will be the beginning of her career as a journalist in Portugal.